Queensland’s Very Own Answer To Gladys Liu

Australia, Politics

Drew Pavlou

Amidst the furore over Victorian MP Gladys Liu’s links to United Front groups representing the Chinese Communist Party in Australia, noted progressive social justice warrior Scott Morrison levelled the charge of racism at her critics. Echoing arguments originally trotted out by the Maoist ultra-left, Morrison sought to portray Liu as the put upon victim of a racist witch hunt against those of Chinese heritage in this country. This is a ridiculous, puerile line of argument, reminiscent of desperate schoolyard debating antics. As should be obvious to everyone following this national debate, one need not be of Chinese heritage to enjoy wholly inappropriate and unwelcome ties to the CCP, a hostile dictatorship pursuing genocide against ethnic minorities at home. Just ask Queensland’s very own answer to Gladys Liu, former National Party leader LNP leader John-Paul Langbroek.

Now, Johnny has never been the sharpest tool in the shed. A quick Google search of his name reveals this gem of a headline: ‘’Queensland LNP MP John-Paul Langbroek Denies Hookers Claim, Vows To Repay Hotel Costs.’’ Clearly, there is no pulsing, throbbing intelligence at work here. Perhaps this is why Langbroek blocked me, a twenty year old university student, on Twitter for simply calling into question the little matter of his close ties to a murderous communist dictatorship. Sadly for Johnny, we do not live in a country where those that criticise powerful public officials like himself can be whisked away in the dead of night to some God-forsaken gulag to be tortured and killed – he will have to suffice with blocking me on social media as I continue to point out his ties to the CCP to anyone and everyone that will listen.

And make no mistake, these ties are quite impressive. As Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of the People’s Republic of China, Langbroek has bravely hosted networking forums designed to allow wealthy Chinese businessmen to connect with local battlers, i.e. Gold Coast LNP MPs. According to the Electoral Commission of Queensland, Langbroek recently accepted a $15,000 donation from Dalian Wanda, a company whose owner is a member of the Chinese Communist Party and delegate to the People’s Congress, China’s joke of a rubber stamp legislature.

Perhaps these kinds of donations are why Johnny took the extraordinary step in September  of throwing a celebratory dinner for Brisbane PRC Consul General Xu Jie, just weeks after Mr Jie earned an official rebuke from Australia’s Foreign Minister for praising the ‘’spontaneous patriotism’’ of those Chinese nationalist students that assaulted pro-Hong Kong demonstrators at The University of Queensland. I was one of those assaulted on the day, struck in the back of the head by masked thugs for supporting the fight for democracy and universal suffrage in Hong Kong. I was utterly outraged Xu Jie used his status as a diplomatic official to seemingly endorse these attacks. Langbroek’s decision then to use his position of power and influence in Queensland’s state parliament to lend credibility to Mr Jie in the aftermath of this incident sends a powerful message: with the right amount of cash, any elected Australian official can be made to look the other way as the Chinese state operates with utter impunity in this country. It sends a loud and clear signal to the CCP that foundational democratic values like free speech and freedom of assembly are negotiable if enough money is involved. In the face of this, one can justifiably wonder whether Langbroek remains committed to these values at all.

Ultimately, Langbroek’s sycophantic fawning over a government known to execute political dissidents for their organs shows that the rot goes far deeper than Gladys Liu and has nothing to do with ethnicity whatsoever. There is no Chinese-Australian third column in this country – powerful Australians of a diverse range of backgrounds, professions and political persuasions have developed highly problematic ties to the Chinese state with no heed for its atrocious human rights record. This is a great tragedy for our nation and our democracy, one we must urgently confront without lending credence to the CCP’s race-baiting propaganda. The future of our open society is at stake.

One thought on “Queensland’s Very Own Answer To Gladys Liu

  1. Dear Mr Drew. His name is Consul General Xu. We put our surnames and personal names backwards, or they do. Or something like that.


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